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Carpet Flooring Near Me

Choosing the Right Color of Carpet Flooring

Carpet manufacturers have an incredibly impressive array of carpet colors available. But how can you tell which carpet colors you want before you look at carpet flooring near me? Here are a few tips for matching your carpet colors with your home, available at carpet stores near me.

The Brightest and Darkest Colors Look Dirty

Most people know that a bright white carpet is going to look dirty eventually. But did you know that dark colors look dirty too? While a black carpet could hide stains, it's going to visibly show dust, lint, and fur. There's a reason why most carpets are a neutral, middling shade, and even moderately dark colors can start to look messy pretty fast.

Use Paint Color Swatches to Match Your Home

You can bring paint color swatches if you're going to be redecorating. Match them to the carpets that they look best with. Not all colors match easily: There could be undertones to the carpeting that just doesn't look good with the colors you have.

Take a Swatch of Carpet With You

If you already painted your walls, get swatches/samples from the carpet store and bring them to your walls. This is important, because your carpet may look different under the color of your lighting. Though, keep in mind, if you plan to change the color temperature of your lighting later (such as from warm to cool), the look of your carpet could change, too.

Carpet manufacturers often offer free swatches, so consider looking for carpet flooring near me and bringing back some samples. You'll be able to tell which carpets will look better under your lighting. To take a look at the available carpet today, check out Royal Carpet & Flooring.

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