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Carpet Places Near Me

Getting the Most Durable Carpet Possible

If you love carpet because it's affordable and durable, you may be wondering how you can get the most durable carpet available. You can look at carpet places near me or carpet suppliers near me to see what carpet is available, but here are some general tips at finding the carpet that's going to last the longest.

Start With the Warranty

You'll find that some carpet is warrantied for 20 years and some 5. This gives you a pretty good estimate regarding how long the carpet is likely to last. Keep in mind that a carpet warrantied for 5 years may still exist for 10 years. But you know without a doubt that the average carpet lasts at least 5 years in this situation, and that's enough to make a comparison between different types.

Look for Stain Resistant Fabric

It's often worth it to pay a little more for stain-resistant treatment. Staining is one of the major causes of having to replace carpeting, especially if the areas are relatively low traffic, and the carpet is high quality. The more stain-resistant your carpet is, the more likely you are to be able to use it for many years to come.

Sorry, Don't Get the Plush

The plusher your carpet is, the less likely it is to last a long time. It's sadly true: Plush carpets are going to have more opportunities for wear. When the carpet pad is plush, the carpet has more give, and is more likely to develop slack. When the carpet itself is plush, the fibers move together more frequently, and wear against each other—fuzzing and pilling earlier.

Are you ready to find carpet places near me? Contact carpet suppliers near me through Royal Carpet & Flooring. You'll be able to get the perfect carpet for your business or home.

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