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The Pros and Cons of Berber Carpet

Looped carpeting is attractive, with a distinctive look that's extremely desirable for many homes. Berber carpeting is carpeting formed of soft loops rather than cut threads, and it has both benefits and drawbacks.

Pro: An Attractive Alternative to Traditional Carpet

One of the major benefits of Berber carpet is that it looks different from traditional carpet. If you want a different look for your home, Berber carpet may be it. Because it has thick, looped piles, it can also create some rather spectacular designs.

Cons: Not Good for Pets

If you have pets, in particular, Berber carpet might unravel quite quickly. Animal nails tend to snack inside of Berber carpet, which ultimately leads to the carpet itself starting to unravel.

Pros: Easy to Clean

Because Berber carpet has a smoother surface, it's easier to clean when spills occur. If you want a low maintenance, comfortable, and attractive carpet, Berber is usually an ideal solution. Carpet retailers near me can also have Berber that is treated to be resistant to stain.

Cons: Not Quite as Trendy as it Used to Be

Berber carpet used to be a lot more attractive a few decades ago. While looped pile carpet is still pretty common, Berber carpet has fallen out of favor in many residential applications; it's often used for commercial applications instead. If you want a home that's completely on trend, Berber carpet may not be the right choice.
Despite some of the downsides of Berber, Berber is a cheap, durable and attractive carpet. If you're looking for carpet retailers near me or carpet stores near me, consider stopping in and taking a look at the different textures of carpet available. You may find the perfect option for you.

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