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Choosing the Right Padding for Your Carpet

Choosing carpet padding has a lot to do with the appearance, longevity, and comfort of your carpet. There are many types of padding, and you shouldn't just go for a bargain. Before you check out your local carpet supplier, consider these tips.

Thicker is Plusher

Thick padding is usually used in places like bedrooms where luxury is at a premium. Thicker is going to be more comfortable and it's going to retain warmth better. It's also more sound dampening, which makes it ideal for bedrooms that are on the second floor. A thin carpet pad is often associated with harder floors, though some of this also does have to do with how hard the pad itself is.

Thicker May Not Last as Long

The bigger problem with thick padding is that it can cause carpet to start to fail earlier. A very thick carpet pad lets the carpet warp more when being walked on. If you want your carpet to last a long time, you usually want a fairly thin pad. This is why most businesses have either thin padding under their carpet or no padding at all. When you look for flooring stores near me, see if they may have some deals on pads, too.

Cost: Thicker Padding is More Expensive

Usually, thicker padding is going to be more expensive. It has to be designed so that it doesn't break down easily despite being so thick. So, your choice of padding may also need to come down to budget. Most carpets will have a specific padding recommended for them, and some dealers will be able to give you a deal on buying them as a set. Regardless, it's up to your priorities: Do you need something that will be cheaper? Or do you need something that's likely to last longer?

Looking for flooring stores near me? If you need a carpet supplier for your carpet and carpet padding, contact Royal Carpet & Flooring today.

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