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Laminate Flooring Near Me

Carpet vs. Laminate Flooring: Your Options in 2020

Laminate flooring has become extraordinarily more attractive and versatile in recent years. If you're looking at carpet or laminate flooring near me today, you've got a lot of options. Gone are the days when laminate could be considered a "budget" choice. Here's what you need to know about making a decision—and finding laminate flooring shops near me.

The Benefits of Laminate Over Carpet

Laminate is easier to clean than carpet, and if the right type is chosen, it can also be cheaper. Many people choose laminate because it can easily replicate the appearance of other, premium flooring types, such as hardwood. Laminate is also fast and easy to install, and sometimes it can be installed over other, older flooring, depending on the surface.

Situations in Which Carpet May Be Better

Laminate isn't always better than carpet. There are select situations in which you might want carpeting:

If comfort is at a premium. Usually for areas like bedrooms, carpeting is chosen instead. Carpet is softer and generally more comfortable, though there are cushioned laminates available.

If you need sound proofing. On second floors, carpet may be better because it dampens sounds. However, you can also look into sound-dampening materials for your laminate underlayment.

If you need warmth. Carpets are warmer to step on especially in the chilly mornings. On the other hand, you can also have rugs throughout your home if you choose to get laminate.

It's time to find "laminate flooring near me." You can search for laminate flooring shops near me online, or you can just come down to Royal Carpet & Flooring, where you'll get the royal treatment.

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